Ventamatic, Ltd. is "Going Green"

Story: We’re committed to making sure the environment lasts for our children—and for yours, so at Ventamatic, Ltd., we have a commitment to “Going Green.”

Deforestation and methane gas emissions from such sources as landfills are among the major causes of global warming, making recycling a key weapon in the fight. That’s why at Ventamatic, Ltd., we’re pleased to report that 100% of our steel, aluminum, and cardboard is recycled—diverting tons of “junk” from landfills (and diverting just two tons from landfills is the equivalent of taking one car off the road for a year!).

Also, at the end of 2008 some 80% of our packaging was made from post-consumer fiber, saving over 7,000 trees and over 2,000 gallons of fresh water. We’re committed to increasing that percentage in 2009.

Our commitment to “Going Green” doesn’t end with recycling. We’re also working to make our products “Green” as well.

The wastes from chrome electroplating are considered toxic and a carcinogen in large quantities, and can contribute to air, water, and soil contamination in manufacturing plants. Automakers have proposed standards to reduce or eliminate chrome plated parts from automobiles. At Ventamatic, Ltd., we’re not waiting for standards to be proposed. So in 2009 we’re converting all our chrome plated parts—still currently considered “safe”—to powder-coated painted finishes to combat this potential danger to our environment. And that’s just one example.

Going Green