At Ventamatic, we provide you with an environment that allows you to grow, challenge yourself and discover your passion. Our vision is to help people through our ventilation solutions. Join something bigger and change the world!



We stand behind our products. We are commitment in every step of our manufacturing process, and to ensure our associates and clients safety during testing, designing, manufacturing and distribution.


We are a family and that has been our focus since 1948. We care about our associates, their well being, professional development and work-life balance. We work together and support each other's needs and ideas.


We are transparent, we share information, we are supportive, we are clear and trustworthy. We are all one team, continuously working together to improve lives, find new solutions, exceed expectations and overcome challenges. We are transparent in all of our manufacturing and distribution processes, internal communication and corporate goals.


We are a company that believes in diversity and inclusion, gender equality. What we do matters, and every day we strive to foster an environment where our associates are their best self within this family.

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Our diverse and talented employees work together throughout the company to create some of the best ventilation products on the market. Take a peek below at what our departments are all about, and scroll above for job openings that fit the bill for you!



Over time Ventamatic has built a brand and a catalog that can solve a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial needs, and our sales team is committed to finding the perfect solution for you. They’re pros in the business world with stellar communication skills who are invested in our customers’ success, and ready to delight clients as new ventilation and fan products hit the market.


We’re proud to be in the US, and even happier to host our customer service team right here at our main plant location in Mineral Wells, Texas. Our customer care team provides support via the phone and the web to serve as front line problem-solvers to all of our customers’ questions, whether it’s finding a local fan dealer, processing an order, filing a warranty, or offering technical support. They’re passionate about their jobs and ready to listen to any question that comes their way.


What would a company be without it’s products? Ventamatic’s engineering team is constantly working towards perfection, creating and sourcing new components to build the best fan yet for consumers. These innovative thinkers work in our R&D lab, designing new products, testing and evaluating for performance and quality, and helping manufacturing to create a streamlined production process.


Ventamatic cares deeply about our people. HR is part of the backbone of our company, from filling job openings to providing employee training, answering questions about employee benefits (they’re awesome!), organizing team-building activities, keeping up with ever-evolving employment policies, and crafting new policies to make the workplace a better place, they’re always on the go.

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