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For more than 70 years, our mission has been to grow together and improve lives of our community. We care and we are committed to keep going. Ventilation products change, our technology improves, and we continue to innovate, but we are still committed to the same values and mission. At Ventamatic, we have a group of people dedicated to serve our customers and make a difference


Our Story

Butler Engineering was founded in 1948 in Dallas, Texas. We didn’t start with any of the ventilation products we have today; we actually began to appear in homes around the country with our signature line of Mayfair kitchen range ventilation hoods. This product was in the market for a very long time and helped us develop a strategy, a dream, and a team. Since then, we have been dedicated to serve our customers, associates and partners. This was the beginning of our story. Follow along to learn more!

Notes handwritten by CEO Terry Siegel on a typed memo welcoming new hires to the organization.

After many learning experiences and successful years, the company quickly outgrew our production capability. Our team also grew to meet market demand. In 1956, it was time to move to a new home in Mineral Wells, TX where we could continue to expand and support the nation’s housing market by delivering the highest quality ventilation products. We received a warm welcome from the city and were very excited about the bright future ahead. Ventamatic is still here today! 

Old advertising proof showing Ventamatic's history in the home ventilation industry under the Cool Attic name.

We continued to develop our product offerings and focused on the ventilation industry. We also started to distribute under the brand name “Ventamatic” with the slogan “Conserving Energy Starts with You.” 7 years later we moved to a new building in Mineral Wells with 15,000 sq. ft. Our Power Ventilators (1964) found their way into existing homes, new home construction, and commercial construction.

Old black and white photo showing an aerial view of the Ventamatic business in Mineral Wells, Texas in the 1970's.

We took on the name “Butler Ventamatic Corporation” with the slogan “Professional Quality Ventilation Products.” Over the next 25 years we grew to over 200 employees and became the North American leader in our industry. In addition to professional and wholesale distributors, we began to offer products through major retail stores directly to homeowners, builders and private contractors.

Our Made In America product offerings expanded from residential and commercial ventilation to include Whole House Fans (1976), Heaters & Ceiling Fans (1978), Wind Turbines (1980), Static Ventilation (1986), Wall Fans (1990) and finally our soon-to-be flagship product, Portable Barrel Fans (1995) under the brand name Maxx Air®.

We expanded our offerings during the 60’s to include a full range of attic ventilation solutions branded as Cool Attic®. Since production was at its peak, we increased our square footage by 45,000 sq. ft. 

A catalog from 1978 showing the prices of replacement parts and components for Butler Ventamatic products.

Entering our 52nd year, we became “Ventamatic, LTD.” and continued growing into the new millennium with “An Air of Excellence.” We added a new location of 22,000 sq. ft to our existing 145,000 sq. ft. for manufacturing and distribution. By this time, we had 6 primary product lines: Maxx Air, Cool Attic, Big Air, nuVent, HeTR and Cool Draft. We added Bathroom fans (2001), Pedestal Fans (2004), Floor Fans & Desk Fans (2010), Misting Fans & Evaporative Coolers (2014), Dehumidifiers & Dryers (2015), and a new generation of Heaters and Ceiling Fans (2016).

Old advertisement showing Ventamatic's former Attic DeFroster control under the Cool Attic brand name.

Within the next 3 years we added a new location in Fort Worth, Texas to focus on distribution and limited manufacturing operations. Our Fort Worth warehouse allowed us to reach new partners and offer an easier, more reliable operation for our partners at a more centralized location. During this time, 2 more manufacturing and distribution locations also became a part of Ventamatic in Mineral Wells.

Member of the transportation team preparing to take a truckload of components to a nearby Ventamatic facility.

Our company now employs over 400 full time and seasonal employees! We’ve grown from 15,000 sq. ft. to over 435,000 sq. ft. in 6 locations, including dedicated warehousing and shipping facilities and 15 individual assembly lines.

You can find our products in over 15,000 retail and wholesale locations throughout the United States and North America. Maxx Air® has come to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of our customers, our associates, and business partners.

We are proud to announce that we are pooling all of our ventilation products under the Maxx Air® name for the first time in our 70+ year journey. We are dedicated to serve our customers at home, at the farm or ranch, in the office, at a commercial or retail business, and on the production or warehouse floor. When it comes to the comfort of animals or people, a small or large space, hot, cold, wet or dry circumstances, Ventamatic products are there to meet your needs. 

Ventamatic's shipping warehouse with US and Texas flags flying outside.
Terry Siegel

A story from our president,

This business has been in my family for a couple generations and I’m very proud to be part of it. Ventamatic is the perfect example of flexibility, improvement, and hard work. For more than 70 years we have been next to our customers understanding their needs and developing our technology to always provide the best service and product in the market. A lot has changed since 1948, but the one thing that has always remained is that we are more than fans, we are more than air. We have walked with our customers for so many years and we will continue to do that. These are ventilation products made for our customers, by our customers. Our community has been part of this story for so many years and have told us what they need, and we have listened!


What we do matters and we are committed to give back. Each one of our associates rely on us for a supportive and fun workplace. Each one of our retail clients rely on our partnership to help them achieve goals and exceed expectations. Each one of our customers and users rely on us to save energy and enjoy better air quality and climate conditions. Each one of the individuals in our local community rely on us to support their causes, beliefs and dreams. And lastly,  each one of our shareholders rely on us for a reliable, sustainable return.


Ventamatic is working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in its supply chain. Employees who are responsible for supply chain management are authorized to terminate business relationships if necessary and will be trained on how to identify and respond to forced labor and human trafficking. Suppliers are prohibited from using prison, forced, bonded, or child labor, and must provide a work environment free from physical punishment of any kind. Suppliers’ employees must be free to leave manufacturing facilities and not be subjected to unreasonable restrictions on their movements. Suppliers’ employees must be free to terminate their employment at will. Employee work hours must be limited to those authorized by applicable laws. Rates of pay must comply with the national laws of the countries in which the suppliers do business.


We’re proud to be a Texas manufacturer and love the cities we work and live in. As a local business, it is our responsibility and privilege to give back to our communities. Our community has seen us challenge the status quo for decades. We have launched new products and they have welcomed all of our previous brands: Cool Draft, Cool Attic, Big Air, NuVent, and this year, our new brand Maxx Air!


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