Filing a Warranty Claim

Your warranty claim can be completed in the 4 steps below. Click each step to view more information.

Should you have questions or need help filing a warranty claim on a Ventamatic product, please contact us.

Please send back a completed copy of the Warranty Request Form, as well as a copy of your receipt / proof of purchase.

Return completed form and proof of purchase using one of the following three methods:

  • Email – rtv@bvc.com
  • Fax – (940) 325-9311
  • Mail – 422 Lee Road, Mineral Wells, TX 76067


You will receive a copy of the Return Authorization Number and Return Instructions.


Once our Returns Department receives your completed Warranty Request Form and Proof of Purchase, we will generate a Return Authorization Number. This Return Authorization Number is assigned to you, along with return instructions. The Return Authorization will list a number. This number will be the number that you will send product/part back on, as well as being the number your replacement parts will ship out on.

Ventamatic manufacturer warranty covers parts only and requires certain parts be returned back to the vendor before replacements are shipped out.


Your Return Authorization will tell you what parts, if any, need to be returned back to the vendor, the address to return product, and any additional notes you may need. Please note: The customer is responsible for shipping costs to return the defective part, and in return Ventamatic will be responsible for shipping cost to ship the new part to the customer.


Make sure you include to following when you are ready to ship:

  • The Return Authorization Number (you can send in a copy of the Return Authorization that was sent to you, or simply label your return with the number given to you)
  • Mail the requested part(s) back to vendor using the address listed on the Return Authorization

Once your defective part arrives at the manufacturer, your replacement will be on its way within the estimated 7-10 business days.

When defective part arrives, our returns department is notified and a no charge sales order is generated, and your replacement part(s) will then be packaged, and sent out to you.

Additional Information:

What items are required to be returned?  ———- What items are not returned?
✔ Motor Replacements
✔ Solar Panels
✔ Misting Fan Pumps
✔ Units without Replacement Parts
✘Fan Blade

* Please note the following:
– Manufacturer Warranty covers parts only
– Manufacturer Warranty does not cover whole units, labor, or returned shipping
– Manufacturer Warranty covers manufacture defects and does not cover any damages or defects due to personal harm or misuse.
– Return Authorization Number does not guarantee that your warranty is approved.

For more information on warranties with Ventamatic, please visit the Falco Insurance page.