Small Fan Makes Big Impact in Community

Uploading the Fans

Recently 120 of our 14" Maxx Air® Floor Fans were loaded onto a Ventamatic truck and made their way across bustling city streets to Catholic Charities, a nonprofit group that serves the thousands of residents that call the DFW area home.


Through the work of volunteers and staff, Catholic Charities seeks to aid those affected by poverty, including the homeless, working poor, and veterans. Thanks to their network, many of these fans will serve their purpose in local college classrooms providing a comfortable learning environment for students to grow and develop. The rest? We take pride in knowing they may offer much-needed relief from the Texas heat for an individual or family where otherwise there might not have been any.


Ventamatic is grateful to be able to make this donation to help our fellow Texans and our community. For more information about Catholic Charities, their work, and how you can help please visit their site!