Modern Whole House Fan Refreshes Tired Market

Modern Whole House Fan - Airflow Operation


Ventamatic, a pioneer and industry leader in the ventilation industry since 1948, has started production of a whole house fan that will delight the energy conscious homeowner.

We’ve taken the features contractors loved about the traditional Ventamatic Whole House Fan – power, durability, affordability – and married in premium next generation technology. R5 Insulated dampers to keep the cool air where you want it, extra efficient and quiet motors for peaceful operation, and easy installation that can be accomplished by a weekend do-it-yourselfer. We’ve even paired with an app developer that allows our HUB models to be controlled on a smart phone with a flick of your finger from anywhere in the house.

The modern whole house fan is a product that can save hundreds a year in energy costs while keeping indoor air quality exceptional. 50-90% energy savings over A/C, a healthier home environment, a superior product from an industry leader – our modern whole house fans are a guaranteed success. To learn more about our product call us at 1-800-433-1626, or visit our YouTube page for instructional videos and content at