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  1. Designer Fan-Lights

    NuVent's Designer Fan-Lights are the perfect combination of powerful airflow performance and sophisticated style--an elegant solution for ventilation in any bath.

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  2. CX8 (8 ft. lengths) Soffit/Undereave Vents

    The most efficient attic ventilation allows a constant flow of air in and out of the attic through a balanced system of intake and exhaust vents. Intake vents are installed in the lower portion of the roof at the eaves or soffits, and exhaust vents are installed at or near the roof ridge, creating a constant upward draft of air which helps to equalize attic temperature with the temperature in the living space below.
    This constant airflow helps to reduce the strain on cooling and heating systems, and also helps the efficiency of ceiling insulation. Correct installation and location of vents is important.
    These soffit and undereave vents provide excellent intake ventilation to provide "balance" to attic exhaust ventilation. They enable constant airflow through the attic when combined with attic exhaust vents and function as an essential component of well-balanced attic ventilation systems.

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  3. Solar Turbine Replacement

    The Solar Turbine Replacement, an exclusive from Cool Attic, is an easy to use system that enables you to replace an old 12" style roof turbine (whirlybird), with a solar powered unit, drawing more hot air out of your attic, without adding energy costs or the cost to wire a traditionally powered unit.
    A well-ventilated attic offers year-round benefits to the homeowner. With the Cool Attic Solar Turbine Replacement, you can enjoy an easy installation with no electrical wiring, and no energy costs to face in the future! During summer months, when attic temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees, a well-ventilated attic can help prolong the life of of roofing components such as sheathing, felt, and composition shingles. During the winter, ventilation prevents moisture-laden air from being trapped in the attic, reducing the changes of mold and mildew formation.

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  4. MS Series Low Sone 50 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Bath Fan

    Whether you're building a new home with a master luxury bath or replacing an old, noisy bath fan, the MS Series is an impressive choice.
    The NuVent MS50ES model is a highly efficient low sound level model designed for smaller bathrooms. It is ideal for applications where continuous use is required as it draws.
    Gracefully curved grilles provide efficient air flow and contemporary style, making it an attractive option for bathroom and genral ventilation applications. The NuVent MS Series fans offer exceptionally quiet performance in a sturdy galvanized steel housing.

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