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Air Cleaners

  1. Media Cleaner Cabinet and M8 Filter

    Can you put a price on the health and well-being of your family?
    The MaxxAir Air Cleaner Cabinet Air Filter is an easy and effective way to reduce dust and allergens in your home when properly installed within your HVAC system. The filter uses both a mechanical filtration as well as a factory installed magnetic charge to attract home allergens.
    An enhanced in-duct air filtration system will provide for better IAQ in your home. Pollutants inside your house are smaller than the eye can see, can be unhealthy, and adversely affect your heating and air conditioning system.
    This MaxxAir Flow system will provide a cleaner indoor environment without significantly reducing your system's airflow. Not only will this provide a healthier home environment, but as a result of a cleaner system you will experience savings on your energy costs!

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