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Gear Dryers

  1. Air-Only Gear Dryer

    Drying inhibits odor due to bacterial growth in wet shoes and gear. The NuVent Gear Dryer dries using only air, which means it will not damage the waterproof technical fabrics often found on athletic shoes, and will not harm leather.
    For the active runner, hiker, construction worker, rancher, commuter, or walker. Designed and safe for: athletic shoes, kids' shoes, hiking boots, work boots, leather shoes and boots, ski boots, running shoes, shoe made of technical fabrics, and even gloves, helmets, and other sports equipment!

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  2. Heated Gear Dryer

    The NuVent Gear Dryer inhibits odor due to bacterial growth in wet shoes and gear by using a combination of both air circulation and heat. A 180-minute auto timer ensures that your gear is fully dry and ready for the next day. Durable and designed to last, this dryer features four dryer arms which extend and retract to accommodate multiple types of equipment. Made with portability in mind, the dryer arms store on the side of the unit, and a built-in handle makes the product easy to transport when traveling. Use this dryer for a range of athletic equipment from hockey gear, ice skates, and ski boots to gloves, helmets, and even backpacks!

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