537C Warehouse Going Solar

Photo of Ventamatic's New Solar Panels


During the summer, Ventamatic employees were busy on top of the scorching hot roof of 537C, one of our off-campus warehouse locations, installing solar panels. In technical terms, the system is 15 Kilowatts of Solar PV Array. These panels will generate power that will help to off-set Ventamatic's electricity needs that have to be bought from the grid. Ventamatic threw the switch on the system on July 14 and we started generating nearly 11 Kilowatts per hour in the peak of the summer!

Ventamatic was able to do this in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture and Oncor Energy. The system is a grid tie system, meaning that when this system produces an excess amount of energy consumed, it feeds the electricity back to the grid. The program was completed with Grant funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This program is designed to help rural manufacturers, like Ventamatic, to produce a portion of their own electricity needs through solar, wind, or other renewable sources of power. The system was also issued a rebate in part by Oncor Electric, who supports Photo Voltaic installations in order to reduce the long term reliance on consolidated Electrical Generation and Fossil Fuels.

The system is expected to produce a little under 15% of the total electrical needs for the manufacturing facility in 537C. We hope to install additional Photo Voltaic panels in the future in order to take advantage of our most plentiful renewable resource in Texas: the sun!